Piano Lessons in Watertown CT


What People are saying about Thomas Mazuroski, Master Piano Teacher with studios in Watertown Connecticut and Wilton Connecticut.

“What sold me on Thomas was he had me wait to start my five year old boys rather than just taking my money. His years of experience as a piano teacher allow him to adapt to both pupil and parent. My six year old twin boys fight over who is going to go first at lesson time. I recommend Thomas very highly.” Howard Huberty

“My two daughters have learned to play the piano from Mr. Thomas Mazuroski. We have been with him for almost 12 years now. Mr. Mazuroski is an accomplished pianist who trained from well-known pianists as well and is an excellent piano teacher. He is very professional in his method of teaching and in his personal relationships with his students. My daughters have been playing piano for various school programs, church and even joined competitions. They both love their piano teacher, Mr. Mazuroski. My husband and I are very satisfied and we enjoy the wonderful music our daughters bring home.” Mindy Yabut, Watertown, CT

“One of my goals, after launching children, was to learn to play the piano. I began lessons with another teacher, and after two years, I was at the same level as when I started. I seldom understood what was expected of me and became discouraged and bored. I began to think that maybe the piano was beyond my ability to learn or perhaps, I was just too old. Tired of struggling and getting no real support or guidance, I quit, but the goal never really diminished. Several years later, quite by accident, I picked up Thomas’ teaching ad in the local market, and decided to try one more time. The progress that I made during the first year as a student of Thomas Mazuroski far exceeded any expectations I had, and proved to me what a wonderful teacher can accomplish. Not only did I grow as a piano player, but I also gained more self-confidence. Rather than making me play the pieces that interest him, or fit into a rote lesson plan, Thomas always plays different pieces of music and allows me to choose what I want to learn. He customized the music and the lessons to my current skill level, while at the same time providing challenges to keep the learning process moving forward. I feel a part of the teaching process, there is more incentive and motivation to practice, and I am seeing results. Thomas is not only friendly and patient, but also astute at gauging his student’s level of knowledge and ability. His commitment to his students is evident. Thomas has the unique ability to see each student as an individual and draws upon their strengths to teach them in ways that work best for them. I respect Thomas for his many wonderful qualities, but most of all because he is a gifted teacher who is able to connect with his students and customize their piano lessons so that they truly learn and grow. Thomas is a very positive and encouraging teacher, and I highly recommend him to future students of all ages.” Randee Becker

“Thomas Mazuroski is an exceptionally gifted piano teacher for both children and adults, and I recommend him enthusiastically to anyone considering lessons!  He taught my daughter and son for nine years and seven years, and I have also been a student for the last ten years;  not only have I learned to play, but my understanding and appreciation of music has grown enormously as a result.  He has a wonderfully gentle, encouraging style with very young children, and a real enthusiasm for even simple pieces that is infectious. His students clearly enjoy playing.

Thomas has an encyclopedic knowledge of the piano literature, and is particularly good at matching pieces to pupil at all different levels of expertise, enabling students to progress and grow as they move to more challenging work and learn new techniques.

Thomas also makes great use of the yearly recital to teach students how preparing a piece for performance leads to greater understanding and mastery of the instrument;  it’s fun for parents and friends to hear the music, but it’s also a crucial part of the teaching”…Anne Vance

“At the age of fifty I decided to start studying the piano. Thomas Mazuroski lived in my neighborhood so I asked him if he would teach me. It has been a wonderful experience to date. Thomas has great patience and an excellent demeanor. As a youth I did study other instruments and had teachers who I can only describe as being downright scary.  I thoroughly enjoy my time with my instructor and look forward to my lesson each week. Thomas’s ability to break things down so that I understand them makes me wish that I had found him when I was much younger.” Kevin Hickey, Waterbury

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